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For Security & Burglar alarm monitoring, please click here: Monitoring

Having a good security system is the best investment you can make to protect your family and assets. The truth of the matter is, in most cases, a security system will cover its own cost after the first incident. 


We install and service top of the line security systems that are tailor made to your needs. Motion detectors, Pressure sensors, door and windows sensors and glass break sensors all installed with the experience and knowledge to protect your home and deter false alarms 24/7. 


Also, As long as you have WiFi or cell service, our systems can be remotely controlled from your mobile device any where in the world. Let us show you why we are the best on the coast!

Call: (503)354-7074


A new wireless system with smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection. Perfect for your home, vacation rental, or business. no need to open walls or pre-wire. How easy is that?

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