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It as easy as pressing a button. Today's home automation has become so simple and accessible that anyone can do it.  whether you want total control from your smart phone, for peripherals to come on with a schedule, for you lights to come on when you open your door, or by saying "hey Alexa", it can be done.


Our Systems can also include and incorporate other parts of your house as well.  Smoke detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors, Security cameras, Thermostats, Freeze and heat sensors, Automated water valves, lights, energy monitoring, door locks, appliances,  Sonos speakers, you name it!


As long as you have WiFi or cell service, our systems can be remotely controlled from your mobile device any where in the world. Let us tailor make your home automation today!

Phone: (503)354-7074


Call: (503)354-7074

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Your entire home or business controlled from your finger tips? Its not an exaggeration and it could be that simple. Call for a free consultation today!

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