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We provide The following commercial and residential services for the majority of the Oregon coast:


Inspections: we provide state mandated Fire Alarm inspections for commercial entities which are subject to needing them. Such entities could include Vacation rentals, Businesses, Inns, Hotels, Motels, Stores, and or other customer facing locations. 

We install, repair, replace, upgrade, and provide monitoring for: Fire alarm systems, Security systems (burglar alarms), Cameras systems, Door access control, speaker systems, SONOS speaker systems, Nurse call systems, Home automation and integration, Smart home technology, Networking, and any other Low voltage wiring.

We monitor: Fire alarm systems, Security systems, Cameras systems, Door access control systems.

For more information on any of these services, click the links above or give us a call. (503)354-7074

Our sevice locations along the Oregon coast are as follows:

Tillamook County, OR, USA.  Lincoln County, OR, USA. Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, OR 97388, USA. Siletz, OR 97380, USA.

Lincoln City, OR, USA. Neskowin, OR, USA. Otis, OR 97368, USA. Grand Ronde, OR 97347, USA. Cloverdale, OR 97112, USA

Oretown, OR 97112, USA. Pacific City, OR, USA. Tierra Del Mar, OR 97112, USA. Sandlake, OR 97112, USA. Hebo, OR, USA

Beaver, OR, USA. Hemlock, OR 97112, USA. Monmouth, OR, USA. Independence, OR, USA. Albany, OR, USA

Oceanside, OR 97141, USA. Netarts, OR 97141, USA. Tillamook, OR 97141, USA. Garibaldi, OR, USA

These named areas along the Oregon coast are a general outline of our service area. Some areas not named between these areas may also receive our services. Some Coastal locations might not be suitable for service due to conditions such as lack of cellular service or inability to use POTS telephone lines. Please call us if these issues might concern you. (503)354-7074 for more information

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