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Security Cameras

For Security & Camera system monitoring, please click here: Monitoring


Having a good Camera system is the best investment you can make to protect your Homes' or Companies' assets. The truth of the matter is, in most cases, a Camera system will cover its own cost after the first time it records an incident. 


Our company has a wide array of cameras to suit your viewing needs no matter how specific the view or how dark it is. We also have multiple video storage options ranging from a week to months. 


Also, As long as you have WiFi or cell service, our systems can be remotely Viewed from your mobile device any where in the world. Making sure you can see what you need, when you need, when you're away. Want to know more? give us a call for a free consultation!

Call: (503)354-7074

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A professional installation by any standard. Ask us how we can make this, work for you!

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